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A fantasy visual novel set in the world of Gehennam. This project is headed by Asif G. 

In a world of magic and court intrigue, you are arrested for the crime of practicing magic illegally within the empire of Davamand. To redeem yourself and avoid your imminent execution, you are sent on a quest by the Empress Ifritah. Together with her Champions - Noor, Anka, Alibaba, and Vali - you must journey to grueling lengths to reclaim your freedom. Power, romance, and wealth are within your reach, but you must risk everything you have just to survive on Gehennam.

  • 3 playable species with individual backstories and dialogue choices.
  • 6+ unique love interests to romance.
  • 3 unique polyamorous routes.
  • Free pronouns: players can input any pronouns for the main character.
  • Multi-choice system: your choices in dialogue and action matter and will change the outcome of the story and your relationship to characters.

This project is currently in development and will be in released chapter by chapter every 3-6 months. So far, the demo / prologue is available for download and the next chapter is in development.

Next installment is to be released in 3 months (Sep 2018).

Creative Lead / Head Artist: Asif G
Coder: Naz Alakeshwari
Head Writer / Editor: Blair Ranson
Editor: Plum
Original Music: Lily Kaur
Background Artist: Matt Sanz

Developer email: gehennamgame@gmail.com
Twitter: @gehennamgame
Tumblr: gehennamgame.tumblr.com
Patreon: patreon.com/gehennamgame


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The adequate different background for each MC's race is liberating, whether it's a good or strange approach : there seems still not enough distinction of each race interaction with major characters in the court for this current Prologue, but then I'm pretty interested to the premise of various response and acts which could be done by the MC's capability and grounded characteristic in further adventure.

Besides, from the first meeting of Vali and his focus to the book at the court, I already muttered : "This, this guy, no, this Nnjid has to be my husbando" xD (and you don't know how blessed I am that this story would provide not one but three polyamorous route, I DEFINITELY WOULD CHASE DOWN A CERTAiN NNJID WITH SILVER TONGUES AND A MYSTERIOUS LOTOGH WITH PURE SARCASM)

Btw, take your time in developing the next chapter, I'll be patiently waiting and cheering from this side of world ^^

"polyamorous routes"....? YEEEEEEEEEEES! 

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omg the art style is so cuuuute!! i would like to have sprites of our protagonist though. it's nicer to have a protagonist with a face :/ and that way we'll be able to see what our lotogh looks like, i find it's not as fun if we can't really get to know our character fully and perhaps let out updated demos with just tiny little new tidbits every few weeks or a month to keep people interested and invested rather than every 3 months? don't have to rush for huge content in updates but just updates with tiny bits of new content every few weeks before releasing the full new demo versions, it just keeps things interesting. i know it's alot to ask and if the updating isn't possible if you could do sprites for the mc that would be so great it would make the experience better if we at least have a general idea of what they look like otherwise they're really just a random floating voice :/ 

Use your imagination; the main point of not having a MC sprite for these games is so you can imagine them however you wish. Besides, not every indie developer has the resources and / or money to invest on a MC sprite on top of every thing else, specially on a game like this, that allows you to pick your gender (so at least 3 sprites if you're going to include non-binary). Actually the gender on this one is a tad tricky because it doesn't follow the traditional route of pick Z, Y or X; it makes you input your pronouns and goes from there.

hmm well what I really wanted initially is just a full body image of the 3 races you can pick from

(Edited 6 times) (+1)

We get to choose our pronouns so unless the author includes 9 sprites (3 for each race; male, female, non-binary) it will only cause conflict. Alternatively we could get an androgynous sprite for each one and hope it does the trick. Or do you mean it as a visual representation of each species? If so, it ain't necessary; the description does the the job of telling us how they look, plus we meet them later on in-game.

The prologue is amazing! The art and characters are nice and interesting. I am invested in finding out what happens next and I will definitely play the next part when it comes out!

I just played the demo and wow!! I'm so excited to see the next chapter of this! The introductions to the various important characters made me really intrigued to get to know them better (especially Noor, aww she put flowers everywhere for me <3). AND I was thrilled to get to set my own pronouns; I stuck with they/them and I didn't notice any hiccups in the dialogue with it. In short: please keep up the great work, elves of color and magic and mystery and epic quests and romance and being able to be nonbinary is all I've ever wanted out of a story. *o*


the artwork and story are just absolutely stunning. I really enjoyed playing the demo, and I can't wait for more chapters to be released, and to see the final product. Great work!


Wow wow wow! What can I say about this project?! How can I possibly articulate such a, clearly, well crafted and thought out piece of work!? This is truly a wonderful thing you have in the making. I look forward to the next chapter! The characters are all very fleshed out and the story had no lulls. I found myself sucked into this vast world you've woven like a tapestry.  And this was just the dang prologue! Well, done, my friends! 

I support all the people working on this so full heartedly! I wish you the best in furthering this work. It is so so so clear that you have a great devotion to telling a  beautiful narrative, accompanied by such lovely and unique art. The color schemes are so vivid and entrancing, and the stylistic choices are gorgeous and well thought out. Keep up the hard work! <3

Thank you so much for all your kind words! All of us appreciate it immensely <3


I really enjoyed the fantasy settings in this game. Also the art and music were so pleasant. Can't wait for more!


This is a beautiful game and I can't wait to play the final version. I'm already really interested in the characters and curious as to how everything will play out.

I played through the difference races, and I like what you have so far for each of them. I can't wait to see more!

One thing I noticed when playing through the Lotogh route was that even though Salam wasn't introduced in the route yet (only Marzban),  Zsan refers to Salam as my human friend.  Is this intended, or should Zsan be referring to Marzban at this point in the Lotogh route?


Thank you for playing and liking it! We'll work on clearing that up in the finalized version. 

One more thing: I think it would be good to mention in the Features section of this page that the player can define their character's own pronouns!  It's a really nice and inclusive feature considering how most romance visual novels are either gender-locked  or male/female-choice only.

I just saw the tumblr post regarding species and realized that I also made the mistake of referring to race instead of species.  I apologize and meant no offence by it.  As an avid MMO gamer, I'm used to race and species being used interchangeably when it comes to character creation and automatically did the same here.  I'm sorry


Don't worry about it! Like you said it's a common thing, so it's understandable. Keep cool ;) ! 


Sounds really exciting! I love it's not yet another pseudo medieval/european historical fantasy  (not that I dislike them, per say, but considering I never see someone of my ethnicity there, as it appears people of color didn't exist in medieval times) and it seems so rich in lore!