A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A fantasy visual novel set in the world of Gehennam. This project is headed by Asif G. 

In a world of magic and court intrigue, you are arrested for the crime of practicing magic illegally within the empire of Davamand. To redeem yourself and avoid your imminent execution, you are sent on a quest by the Empress Ifritah. Together with her Champions - Noor, Alibaba, and Vali - you must journey to grueling lengths to reclaim your freedom. Power, romance, and wealth are within your reach, but you must risk everything you have just to survive on Gehennam.

  • 3 playable species with individual backstories and dialogue choices.
  • 6+ unique love interests to romance.
  • 3 unique polyamorous routes.
  • Free pronouns: players can input any pronouns for the main character.
  • Multi-choice system: your choices in dialogue and action matter and will change the outcome of the story and your relationship to characters.

This project is currently in development and will be in released chapter by chapter every 3-6 months. So far, chapters 1 and 2 are available for download and the next chapter is in development.

Next installment is to be released in 3 months.

Creative Lead / Head Artist: Asif G.
Coder: Naz Alakeshwari
Head Writer / Editor: Blair Ranson
Secondary Writer/Editor: Francey Contreras
Editor: Plum
Background Artist: Matt Sanz
Original Music: Lily Kaur
All other music as credited.

Install instructions


Gehennam is an independent game and does not have a publisher associated with it.
Your computer will recognize it as being from an ''Unknown Publisher'' and as such, block it from running. 

Please take a look at your OS below to run the game.


1. Unzip the folder 
2. Double-click the Gehennam icon
3. If your Windows pops up with a message stating that Windows protected your PC.
a. There is text saying "More Info" within the message, please click the text.
b. Select "run anyway."

MAC - 
1. Unzip the folder
2. Double-click the Gehennam icon
3. If your Mac pops up with a message stating the file can't be opened. 
a. Open your System Preference app.
b. Go to Security & Privacy.
c. Near the bottom, there will be a message saying that Gehennam Prologue was blocked.
d. Click "open anyway."


GehennamHalloweenSpecial-linux.tar.bz2 58 MB
GehennamHalloweenSpecial-mac.zip 53 MB
GehennamHalloweenSpecial-pc.zip 69 MB
Gehennam-Chapter-3-linux.tar.bz2 204 MB
Gehennam-Chapter-3-mac.zip 202 MB
Gehennam-Chapter-3-pc.zip 217 MB

Development log