Chapter 1 Improvements - out now!

Some small improvements to Chapter 1:

  • Grammatical errors (this was a big thing)
  • Added a new sprite to the Lotogh Starter (hint, it’s mom)
  • Chapter indicators, because a lot of people got confused and this is the best way to alleviate that!

Things I want to improve/implement later:

  • Dialogue choices for mute/selectively mute dreamers, or dreamers who just don’t wanna talk as much!
  • Animated main background - it was suppose to be for this update, but it was so frustrating I had to take a step back.
  • New character sprites - specifically for Zsan. Poor boy needs a makeover, even if he’s not around much anymore (or at all… depending on your choices) 

If you have any suggestions/what you want to see in the game, please let me know! *note, there is the update for Linux, I'm just dealing with some technical issues.

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Aug 13, 2019

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