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One Thousand and One Days is an upcoming LGBTQ2+ fantasy otome.

In a world of magic and court intrigue, you are the Dreamer, an individual who is haunted by visions that seem to have no end. Find answers to your visions and unveil ancient secrets laid deep within Gehennam.  Power, romance, and wealth are within your reach, but you must risk everything you have just to survive.

One Thousand and One Days is based on the mythology of ancient Persia and Islamic lore. With four available origins and four romance options, pave your own unique story.

3 playable species with individual backstories and dialogue choices.

4 unique love interests to romance.

2 unique polyamorous routes.

Multi-choice system: your choices in dialogue and action matter and will change the outcome of the story and your relationship to characters.

This project is currently in development. Chapter 1-2 is currently available. Chapter 3 is TBD.

By: Asif G 

Editor: Francey Contreras

Music as credited

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Hey, I absolutely love chapter one and I tried downloading the file again to get chapter two but it just repeated one. Am I downloading the wrong file? Sorry if this is a dumb question im new to itch.io

Did you save your game at the end of Chapter 1 when it said "Please save your game for the next chapter"? It could be because of that! 


I love playing your games no matter what the format is! The characters and plot are so enriching and I enjoy seeing what differences are in each game. I look forward to finishing Chapter 1 and playing Chapter 2 when it comes out!

Thank you so much! I am always happy and excited to see your playthroughs!

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Part of me agrees with Pixel below, that the abrupt deletion of previous stories is a bummer (especially my dear Vali didn't make it to this version... when I found your vacant page, it's like the moments shared and their embodiment of the previous works never even happened -- I'm such a sentimental bastard). Moreover, I sense that Gehennam, Gehennam text-based-second-version, and this 1001 Days  somehow like a string of plots from three different MCs in three distinct historical time of this universe, only with slightly alteration of terms mentioned in the writing (but still in the same universe and the source of conflict comes from the murder of a powerful Njid).

Nonethelesss, the universe is pretty enchanting to make me stay and engage further in it :'))

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Thankyou, Asif. Very Cool

Edit:       A description: "2 unique polyamorous routes." Does that mean that I can't have romance with only one character?

You can have a romance with any of the characters, but you can also romance both noor and anka, sinbad and alibaba at the same time!

Your description says there are "4 playable species with individual backstories and dialogue choices" but in the demo we can only choose one of 3. Is this a typo or we will get another species further down the road?

That’s a typo! Sorry about the confusion

I've just downloaded the game, it seems really cool! Gonna start playing as soon as the download ends. Thanks (created an account just to be able to say this)!


I haven't seen a lot of LGBTQA+ friendly Visual novel which revolves around 'Arabian' or 'vaguely Islamic' themes, maybe because... Uh, I'd rather not say, but if you're Moslem--yeah, you know why. So I definitely enjoyed this, loved the whole vibe of the world you built. We didn't get to see much of the characters yet so I don't know who I like the most but anyway, it was so enjoyable! I love how we can also choose between three classes (clans? what's it called?) and our own pronouns. I like the art and the music too, they work well for this theme. Anyway, if you would like to continue the game I'll be happy to play! I hope this will turn out the way you wanted it to. Thank you for creating the game and sharing it with us. Have a nice day!

Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I hope to disperse the negative stereotypes about MENA culture and Islamic culture through this VN-- it being not only fun, but informative as well. I'm glad you like it!


So not to be a downer or anything but if I keep following this project, are you going to have time for it? Like I was pretty interested in the last one and excited to see how everything went, I liked most of the characters and then it was just excuse after excuse and now the entire thing is gone and you're making a new one... Are you actually going to dedicate a part of your busy schedule to this? Can I hope for this  or is it going to end up being another "I'll try but if it's too hard, meh"?

I'm sure it sounds harsh but you literally JUST said you didn't have time for your other project last month so, please forgive my skepticism... =/ I'm sure I'm not the only one here thinking this either.


Hi Pixel,

I'm not sure if you follow my tumblr blog (@souratgar) but I've explained it quite a bit as to why I kept jumping back and forth on the project. It was an accumulation of my own depression, anxiety and harassment I've been dealing with it.  I also do have a busy schedule, and whether I can dedicate my time to it is more of my business rather than yours.

I understand if you're skeptical, but you most certainly don't need to hang around. I will be updating the game and the chapters at a pace that is fitting around my schedule and my mental health, so even if you're looking for very exact and precise dates of updating/chapter releases, this may not be the game for you.  

But, if you really do enjoy the game, I'm sure waiting awhile and being understanding to the creator isn't something too difficult to do.

Have a great week!


I'm certainly not hoping for scheduled updates, in fact I would have been understanding of needing breaks and so on. I do not however, want to stick around if the  game is going to be cancelled constantly. That's all.

I get that mental health is important and I do wish you the best. I admittedly stopped paying attention when the game was put on hiatus, then updated, then changed, then removed but I didn't see the need to bother unfollowing here. Hence how I got the updates. If you're passionate about actually creating the game, I would like to be supportive and possibly even donate to the project, this wasn't meant to be an attack or negative but it's hard for it to be put nicely I suppose. I just don't really want to actively follow a project and become invested in something that's just kinda there and maybe it'll get done and maybe the person creating it will lose interest halfway through and disappear. If there isn't any dedication, I could forget about it and if it happens, it happens. Which is totally fine and seems like what you're suggesting. I'm definitely not going to try and talk you out of making the game or anything.

Anyways, I liked Alibaba, Noor and Zsan and I'm happy to see Alibaba back. Sorry if I seem harsh?